The Middle East plays a strategic role in the company's growth plansThe Middle East plays a strategic role in the company's growth plans

Akaer, a Brazilian company recognized worldwide for its innovative solutions for the Defense and Aerospace sectors, is taking part this week in the Dubai Airshow in the United Arab Emirates, one of the largest and most important trade fairs in the world.

The event takes place between November 13 and 17 and will bring together the main global brands in the aerospace sector, as well as government and military authorities from 98 countries.

Akaer will bring to the fair its broad portfolio of technologies for civil and military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), armored ground vehicles, satellite cameras, thermal imaging monoculars and missile subsystems, among other products.

“The Dubai Airshow is one of the most important meeting points in the world for the Aerospace and Defense ecosystem. It’s a great event that strengthens Akaer’s global presence,” said the group’s CEO, Cesar Silva.

Strategic weight

With a solid track record spanning more than three decades, Akaer has expanded its presence on the global stage, establishing businesses in more than 20 countries.

The Middle East plays a strategic role in the company’s growth plans, with partnerships already established in several countries.

“The region brings together important countries with a huge interest in developing technologies for the Aerospace and Defense sectors. A favorable environment for Akaer, which has innovation in its DNA,” said Cesar Silva.


One of the most recent highlights in Akaer’s portfolio was the development of the Hürjet fighter, in partnership with TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industry). The aircraft, designed for advanced training and light attack actions by the Turkish Air Force, is capable of reaching supersonic speeds and made its first flight in April. The Brazilian company was responsible for the structural design and installation of the Hürjet’s fuselage and empennage systems.

Akaer also played an important role in the KC-390 freighter project, in cooperation with Embraer, and in the development of Gripen E fighters for the Brazilian Air Force, in partnership with Sweden’s Saab.

The company is also involved in important national projects, such as the modernization of the Cascavel armoured vehicle and the production of the OLHAR thermal imaging monocular, both for the Brazilian Army.

It is also leading the development of a ‘superdrone’ with hybrid propulsion, the AKR-H2, a project that has a grant from FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects), the Brazilian government’s development agency.

Akaer has its headquarters in São José dos Campos (SP) and two commercial offices outside Brazil, in Portugal and Turkey.

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