Air Force Academy celebrates the end of the Basic Training in the T-27M Aircraft

After more than 10 thousand hours flown, the class concluded the most extensive course in recent years

AFA, by Captain Freitas

After commitment and dedication of all sectors of the Air Force Academy (AFA) throughout the year, the Air Cadets of the 4th Squadron, Anubis Class, concluded their instruction flights in the T-27M aircraft, operated by the 1st Air Training Squadron (1º EIA). In order to symbolize and mark the end of the course, a photo was taken with Flight Instructors and Cadets in front of the historic Lachê Lake.

The Academy Commander, Air Brigadier Marcelo Gobett Cardoso, highlighted the moment. “The long and intense hours of training, formation and strengthening of values should never be forgotten. This moment is a reason to thank all the sectors, the sponsors, and the Brazilian Air Force, which worked so that we could get to this day and eternalize it with this photo. We finished the course on time and fulfilled the mission, so that everyone could guarantee, from the Aspirancy, their vacations with their families. I am sure that the Air Force will receive better prepared Air Force Officers after the deployment of the T-27M aircraft”, he highlighted.

After more than 10 thousand hours flown, the class concluded the most extensive course in recent years. Aboard the T-27M aircraft and aiming to extract all the capabilities of the new onboard systems, the course had an innovative character. “There was an addition of several instrument navigation missions, visual navigation solo flights, and a new concept of glass cockpit instruction was implemented in the other phases,” said the 1st EIA Commander, Major Aviator Guilherme Gonçalves Herculian.

Finally, Cadet Aviator Matheus Niel Moroni, from the 4th Squadron, showed all his satisfaction with the goal achieved. “Having the opportunity to finish the course in the T-27M is something unique. Knowing that, through the effort and dedication of all the instructors, mechanics, classmates, family and friends, I was able to fulfill a dream. For some, four years of training, for others, seven, but the emotion and gratitude are the same when we take another step towards becoming FAB Officers,” he concluded.

The Anubis Class is the first class of Cadets graduated after the deployment of the T-27M in air instruction at AFA.

Photos: S H. Pereira / AFA *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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