AFA inaugurates a new Flight Simulator for the instruction of cadet aviatorsAFA inaugurates a new Flight Simulator for the instruction of cadet aviators

The Modernized T-4000 Simulator was designed and developed in partnership with the Centro de Computação da Aeronáutica in São José dos Campos

AFA, by Aspirante Pandini – Agência Força Aérea – Major Oliveira Lima

The Air Force Academy (AFA), located in Pirassununga (SP), inaugurated this Wednesday (08/24), the modernized T-4000 simulator. The ceremony was presided over by the Aeronautical Information Technology Director (DTI), Air Brigadier Luiz Guilherme da Silva Magarão, accompanied by the AFA Commandant, Air Brigadier Marcelo Gobett Cardoso. The solemnity was also attended by the Chief of the Aeronautics Computing Center in São José dos Campos (CCA-SJ), Air Colonel Piterson Marques Lisboa, Commanders, Division Chiefs and other Military personnel from the Academy and CCA-SJ.

The DTI Director, Brigadier Magarão, praised the welcome and the partnership of the Academy team in the Project development and the technical capacity of the CCA-SJ members. “We are capable and have developed a solution for a strategic problem of the Brazilian Air Force. This delivery will contribute decisively in basic instruction with the increase of efficiency in the Cadets training and resources saving, extending even the useful life of the aircraft. It is a commitment from DTI to invest in the modernization of the Air Force Academy”, he highlighted.

With the recent modernization of the T-27 Tucano aircraft, the need arose to update the simulator, with a total remodeling of its panel and avionics, adopting the new technologies and systems implemented. After the delivery of the first T-27M aircraft to AFA, in the beginning of 2022, the process of adaptation and modernization of the T-4000 flight simulator was initiated at CCA-SJ, which in a short period of time managed to completely remodel the simulator structure, installing modern Garmin systems, besides improving its flight capabilities.

AFA inaugurates a new Flight Simulator for the instruction of cadet aviators

In his words, the AFA Commandant, Brigadier Gobett, thanked DTI for the management and the high level follow-up so that CCA-SJ could, in partnership with the Academy, accomplish this project. “We are immensely proud of this solution from the Brazilian Air Force, through technical, DTI, and our operators who worked together so that we could be successful in the short term. We have already planned for next year the operation of the four Cadet Squadrons of the Air Force Corps of Cadets, so that all of them can have contact with the aerial activity in the Simulated Training Squadron. The winner with this system is the FAB,” he said.

Currently, with the delivery of the Modernized T-4000, it is possible that the Cadet has a total immersion in the aircraft, being able to interact in its entirety with all the instruments and functionalities of the T-27M aircraft, besides allowing a reliable training of the emergency procedures.

The Chief of CCA-SJ, Colonel Piterson, praised the trust they have placed in the project. “I am very grateful to the General Officers who trusted in our mission and made sure that we could reach a day like this. Low cost simulators for the benefit of serious Airborne Instruction,” he concluded.

The inauguration of the modernized T-4000 is the concretization of the Aeronautics Command’s efforts to provide the best conditions for the full training of its future leaders.

AFA inaugurates a new Flight Simulator for the instruction of cadet aviators

Photos: Private João oliveira/ AFA *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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