Admiral Olsen assumes command of the Brazilian NavyAdmiral Olsen assumes command of the Brazilian Navy

To the sound of a 19-gun salute, Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen was sworn in as Commander of the Brazilian Navy, this Thursday morning (05). The ceremony, presided over by the Minister of Defense, José Múcio Monteiro Filho, took place at the Naval Club in Brasilia.

In his speech, Admiral Olsen expressed his contentment for assuming the highest office in the Force and is convinced of the magnitude, the responsibility and the complexity of the challenges that the function imposes. 

“The cult of traditions, the camaraderie, and the forge woven by strong winds and thick seas are the foundation of the confidence and serenity needed for the authoritative exercise of the office,” he said. 
The Navy Commander also highlighted the relevance of the scientific and academic community as guiding elements for mastering and strengthening the necessary knowledge for the proper advancement of the Force’s strategic programs.

“Through these programs, the Brazilian Navy organizes its needs in line with the best practices of governance and management of public resources, contributing to the efficiency of state investment and the development of the defense area.” 

In his message, Admiral of Fleet Almir Garnier Santos, exonerated Commander, stressed the importance of the position. “At the helm of the undefeated Tamandaré Navy, inspired by our Patron’s example of dedication and fearlessness, I faced with great enthusiasm the enormous challenge of commanding a Navy of varied responsibilities and charged with a wide range of tasks.” 

Besides the Minister of Defense, the event had the presence of other authorities such as Ambassadors accredited to Brazil; Ministers and former Ministers of State; Commanders and former Force Commanders; Parliamentarians; Authorities from the Judiciary; General Officers from the Navy, Army, and Air Force; and Members of the Navy Friends Society (SOAMAR).

On the occasion, Admiral Olsen presented the Grand Cross of the Order of Naval Merit to Minister José Múcio. The Grand Cross is the highest rank of the Order of Naval Merit, designed to reward Navy personnel who distinguished themselves in the exercise of their profession and, exceptionally, civilian and military personalities, Brazilian or foreign, who rendered relevant services to the Brazilian Navy.

In his final message, the Minister of Defense thanked for the award and for the privilege of presiding over the event, and congratulated Admiral Olsen on his designation to the highest position in the naval hierarchy. 
“The ceremony of inauguration of the Navy Command marks today as a date of the highest relevance for our country, as the necessary conditions are guaranteed for the strategic conduction and for the continuation of the advances of the long singradura of this bicentennial state institution of strong traditions whose history is intertwined with the very trajectory of the formation of the Brazilian nation,” he highlighted.


Fleet Admiral Olsen joined the Brazilian Navy in 1979, and was declared a Marine Guard on December 14, 1982, after completing the Naval Academy.

Throughout his career, he commanded the destroyer “Atalaia” and the submarine “Tapajó”. He was XO of the submarine “Tamoio” and of the airship “São Paulo”. He served as a parliamentary advisor and represented Brazil at the Inter-American Defense Board (USA), and was Chief of Staff of the Navy’s General Directorate of Personnel (DGPM). He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral on November 25, 2011.
As General Officer, he held the positions of Director of the Navy Civilian Personnel; Commander of the Submarine Force; Advisor to the Commander of Naval Operations; Chief of Staff of the Naval Operations Command; Director of Hydrography and Navigation; Director of Navy Civil Works; Director-General of the Navy Nuclear and Technological Development and Commander of Naval Operations.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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