ABIMDE celebrates positive outcome of its participation in COP International 2023ABIMDE celebrates positive outcome of its participation in COP International 2023

The Association was one of the exhibitors at the fair that brought together defense and security companies and solutions

It was with a sense of accomplishment that the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries ended its participation last Friday (27) in the Police Operations Congress in São Paulo, COP International 2023.

The third edition of the event, which had the institutional support of the São Paulo State Government, through the Public Security Secretariat, took place from October 25 to 27, at the São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo (SP).

In addition to inaugurating its participation in the fair as an exhibitor, ABIMDE officially presented the Public Security Committee and highlighted the work of ABIMDE Certificadora, which has been carrying out excellent work in the certification of controlled products.

ABIMDE also celebrated the participation of several members at the fair. They were: Berkana Tecnologia em Segurança Ltda; CBC – Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos; Condor S.A. Indústria Química; Gespi Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Aeronáuticos S.A; IMBEL – Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil; Protecta Defesa e Segurança; Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil Ltda; Taurus Armas S.A; among others.

Important personalities from the sector visited ABIMDE’s stand, such as the Secretary for Defense Products (SEPROD) of the Ministry of Defense, Air Brigadier Major Rui Chagas Mesquita, and the Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation – DECTI of the MD, Brigadier Antonio Ferreira de Lima Júnior.

ABIMDE also received a distinguished visit from São Paulo’s Secretary of Public Security, Guilherme Derrite, and the president of the National Council of Municipal Guards (CNGM), Commander Carlos Alexandre Braga, as well as military personnel from the Armed Forces and Police Forces.

“We ended our participation in the COP International with a sense of mission accomplished. We interacted with people from the public security sector, we were approached by several companies interested in joining and we publicized the work of ABIMDE Certificadora, which already has more than 600 certified products. I rate our participation very positively,” said ABIMDE’s executive director, Colonel Armando Lemos.


ABIMDE Certificadora is an independent division of ABIMDE. Since 2021, it has been accredited by INMETRO as a Product Certification Body (OCP) to certify products controlled by the Brazilian Army, as well as items described in the standards of the National Secretariat for Public Security (SENASP).

ABIMDE’s Product Certification Division has an autonomous structure, with professionals specializing in certification processes and, in particular, in products from the Defence and Security sector.

During the International COP, ABIMDE presented the lecture “Certifications of Products Controlled by SENASP Standards”, given by ABIMDE’s executive director, Colonel Armando Lemos.

He spoke about conformity assessment for domestic and imported products, clarified that there is now equal treatment for foreign items entering the country and also the advantages of having a certified product.

“Having a certified product makes a difference. This seal of conformity brings reliability, consumer protection and demonstrates the continuous search for improvement, which is one of the requirements of the quality management system. Improving performance and the level of safety so that the product reaches the market better and better,” he explained.


ABIMDE’s Public Safety Committee was set up to promote members of the security sector and offer market solutions. During COP International, members of the committee were on hand to present the committee’s approach, vision, mission and objectives at the ABIMDE stand.

Representing the Public Security Committee was a commission made up of Edgard Nienkotter, from HexaIT; Victor Gallo, from Protecta; Jocirene Chagas, from the Ezute Foundation; Talita Zanelato B. do Carmo and Caroline Oliveira Souza Mucci, from Zanelato Braga Advogados; and Denis Nunes, from Aegis.

“We’re here to bring together the members of the committee and interact with other players, both potential clients and potential members, and to talk about the existence of the public security committee with the aim of promoting ABIMDE’s role in this important business environment,” emphasized Edgard Nienkotter.


The Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries (ABIMDE) is recognized as the legitimate interlocutor of Brazil’s Defense and Security Industrial Base. The organization promotes actions to enhance and promote companies in the sector on the national and international markets. It also works to strengthen policies and programs that ensure the development of the defense industry. Among its more than 240 members are the main defense and security companies based in the country.

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