Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Air Force visits the 2023 Shield-Tinia facilitiesChief of Staff of the Brazilian Air Force visits the 2023 Shield-Tinia facilities

On that occasion, the General followed the operational and anti-aircraft defense actions of the Exercise in real time

Air Force Agency, by Lt. Myrea Calazans

On November 3, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (EMAER), Air Brigadier João Tadeu Fiorentini, visited the Second Squadron of the First Communications and Control Group (2º/1º GCC), based at Canoas Air Base (BACO), in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), with the aim of getting to know and following up on the actions and maneuvers carried out in the Joint Exercise Shield-Tinia 2023.

On the occasion, the Head of EMAER was received by the Commander of BACO and Director of EXCON Escudo-Tínia 2023, Colonel Marcelo Zampier Bussmann, who presented details of the Operation, from the objectives to the means employed, actions and maneuvers planned. “It’s a great pleasure to always be present at this operational exercise of the Brazilian Air Force,” emphasized Air Brigadier Fiorentini.

With an approach focused especially on the strategic changes employed in this edition of the training, the Director of EXCON Shield-Tinia 2023, Colonel Bussmann, highlighted the use of multidomains, especially cyberspace, cybernetics and electronic warfare (EW) to enhance the air activities in the Exercise, which makes EXCON Shield-Tinia 2023 even more complex and technological. “We’ve moved away from the context of direct combat between air and ground assets and employed various actions that complement the use of air assets in the theater of operations,” said the Exercise Director.

Fiorentini also pointed out that this was a different reality from his time as an operational lieutenant. “All of this shows the capacity we have for evolution. Although we are not living through a real war, this is a way of being able to work at the same time, either together with the other Armed Forces, or with the various aviations, where it is possible to employ different vectors and optimize information for future FAB missions,” he added.

After the presentation, the General visited the facilities that support the Exercise, including the Army’s Anti-Aircraft Artillery Operations Center; two structures of the Military Air Operations Control Body (OCOAM), which includes the Airspace Control Department (DECEA), the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Liaison Teams (ELAAe) and a showtime cell, under the coordination of the Exercise Directorate (DIREX).

EXCON Tínia 2023 welcomes press professionals and spotters

The Canoas and Santa Maria Air Bases, in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), opened their doors to press professionals for a day of training for the Escudo-Tínia Joint Exercise (EXCON), which aims to train military personnel and aircraft from the Brazilian Navy (MB) and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The activity took place on Saturday (04/11) and was attended by 25 professionals, including journalists and photographers.

On the occasion, the Commander of Canoas Air Base and Director of the Exercise, Colonel Marcelo Zampier Bussmann, gave a presentation on the objectives of EXCON, as well as talking about the importance of giving the press access to the training. “It’s a way of strengthening our relationship with the professionals [Click here to download the original image] who publicize our actions and explaining in a simpler way all the technical work we do, not just in this Exercise, but throughout the year,” he said.

After the presentation and the press visit to the operational area at BACO, the group boarded a C-105 Amazonas bound for Santa Maria Air Base (BASM), from where they followed another training exercise: the launch of Brazilian Army (EB) paratroopers from a FAB aircraft.

As well as the anticipation of witnessing such training for the first time [Click here to download the original image], journalist Naian Maneghetti experienced another unprecedented sensation: flying in an aircraft. “We had the opportunity to see what the preparation and the actual action is like in real life. It was a very important day and one that will go down in my professional history. I’m sure it was a unique experience,” he said.

EXCON Tínia 2023

This year’s EXCON involves more than 1. 200 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy (MB), the Brazilian Army (EB) and the FAB units distributed throughout the country, as well as the use of around 30 aircraft from the Fighter, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IVR), Rotary Wing and Transport aviations, such as the F-5M, A-29 Super Tucano, A1-M, KC-390 Millennium, E-99, C-105 Amazonas, RQ-900 and H-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Photos: Captain Malta/ Lieutenant Marayane/ Sergeant P. Silva / CECOMSAER *** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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