Brazilian Navy personnel combat forest fire in AmazonasBrazilian Navy personnel combat forest fire in Amazonas

The action was carried out in coordination with the Amazonas Fire Department and the state’s Public Security Secretariat.

On Friday afternoon (29), members of the Brazilian Navy fought a forest fire near the district of Cacau Pirêra, in the municipality of Iranduba, 27 kilometers from Manaus (AM).

To combat the flames, which are spreading over an area of forest approximately three kilometers long and which have been fought for five days, soldiers from the 1st Northwest General Employment Helicopter Squadron (EsqdHU-91), subordinate to the 9th Naval District Command, used the “Bambi Bucket”. The equipment makes it possible to throw water on fire outbreaks, with the aim of completely extinguishing them or reducing their area, for the work of the ground teams.

“We made more than ten incursions into the area to fight the fires and used more than three thousand liters of water to fight the outbreaks and support the riverside communities near Manaus,” explained the aircraft’s commander, Lieutenant Goulart.

The water used to fight the fires was collected from the Negro River.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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