Working group discusses Brazilian defense challengesWorking group discusses Brazilian defense challenges

Working group discusses Brazilian defense challenges

Brasília (DF) – On July 1, members of the Army General Staff (EME), the Land Operations Command (COTER), the other EB Sector Management Bodies, the Direct and Immediate Advisory Bodies (OADI) to the Army Commander, as well as the Cyber Defense Command (ComDCiber), the Army Artillery Command (Cmdo Art Ex) and the Electronic Warfare Command (CComGEx) met, in the context of the Army’s transformation process, to begin studying the capabilities that will equip the Ground Force to be ready for the defense challenges of 2040, with a view to formulating the Force 40 proposal.

The activity was opened by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen Richard Fernandez Nunes. Richard highlighted the importance of the work for the Brazilian Army.

During the first two days of work, aimed at training personnel, several lectures were presented, including one on the Army’s Strategic Portfolio, given by the Army’s Project Office (EPEX), the Readiness System, presented by COTER and the Military Land Logistics System (SMLT), presented by the Logistics Command (COLOG), as well as discussions on the Brazilian Army’s Operational Concept (COEB) and the Army’s Transformation Concept. Considerations were also given to current conflicts and their lessons for the future of the Army.

As the Working Group continues its activities, discussions on the proposed thematic areas, such as Strategic Communication, Command and Control, Cybernetics, Coastal and Littoral Defense, Missile and Rocket Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Defense, Legal Support, among others, as well as ways of absorbing disruptive technologies, will make it possible to diagnose the capabilities needed by the Land Force and whose development will be prioritized.

In this way, the Brazilian Army seeks to develop and maintain the operational capabilities needed to be recognized as an actor with a high capacity for deterrence and readiness, promoting relevant actions in the preparation and employment of the Ground Force, effectively supported by the capacity of ground military logistics and action in the cyber field.

The Force 40 Project seeks to visualize what capabilities the Land Force must have in order to face the challenges of defence in 2040.

At the end of its activities, at the beginning of September this year, the Working Group will present proposals and capability solutions for the configuration of Force 40.

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