The Brazilian Army's Central Maintenance and Supply Battalion hosts the armored vehicle maintenance training course

From June 20 to July 8, the Material Directorate (D Mat) held, at the Central Maintenance and Supply Battalion (BCMS), a training course on maintenance, reverse logistics, and dismantling of the fleet of armored personnel carriers (VBTP¹ EE-11 URUTU MII).

The purpose of the internship was to train military personnel from the 15th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment School, the 25th Logistics Battalion School, and the BCMS to perform the complete disassembly of this model of armored vehicle.

During the internship, the request for cooperation in instruction from the War Material Course of the Logistics Sergeants’ School was met, where the students of the Armored Vehicle Maintenance Sergeants’ Training and Graduation Course had the opportunity to see the armored vehicle and use their practical knowledge of mechanics.

¹VBTP Viatura Blindada de Transporte Pessoal = APC Armored Personnel Carriers

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