The Armed Forces participate in the supervision of the electronic voting system in Brazil

Regarding the article published by Folha de São Paulo on Monday, September 12th , entitled “Armed Forces will do real-time parallel counting with 385 ballot boxes”, the Ministry of Defense clarifies that, in relation to the counting of the 2022 elections, the Armed Forces did not request any permission for differentiated access in real time to the data sent for the tallying of the electoral process by the Regional Electoral Courts (TRE), which is a constitutional competence of the Electoral Justice.

Based on Resolution 23.673-TSE/2021, the Armed Forces have acted as one of the inspection entities, legitimized to participate in the stages of the inspection process of the electronic voting system.

Finally, it should be noted that the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces do not demand exclusivity or protagonism in any stage or procedure of the supervision of the electronic voting system, and will continue to act in strict observance of legality, by performing technical work and by collaborating with the TSE.

Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom) – Ministry of Defense *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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