Taurus delivers more than 9,000 TS9 pistols to the Philippine National Police

On Monday, February 27, 2023, Taurus Armas made the formal delivery of 9,544 units of 9mm caliber Taurus TS9 Striker pistols to the Philippines National Police (PNP) and its Commander, General Rodolfo Azurin.

The event was attended by the top 25 ranking officers of the organization, as well as other officers and the PNP internal division responsible for media and press.

Taurus also gave a shooting training and familiarization course to the Philippine corporation’s officers, conducted by General Carlos, former commander-in-chief of the Philippine National Police.

In December 2022, the Philippine National Police (PNP) approved two large batches of TS9 Striker pistols from the contract signed with Taurus. The guns were successfully submitted to rigorous acceptance tests during one week, by a committee of 12 PNP members at Taurus’ plant in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, where the samples were fully approved, exceeding the requirements of NATO Standard AC-225 and proving the quality, reliability and resistance of the TS9 Striker pistol.

This major contract with the Philippine National Police is part of the company’s strategy to be a strong international player in the defense and public security market. In this sense, the Brazilian manufacturer has been succeeding and expanding the participation of its products in this rigorous and promising market. In 2021, it supplied more than 13 thousand T4 rifles to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. And in the last three years, it has already totaled approximately 30 thousand units of the TS9 Striker pistol for the Philippine Police Forces, besides having won several other bids around the world, demonstrating the stability, reliability, and quality of its products on the world stage.

“Taurus is a Brazilian multinational company that is very competitive in the world and these contracts are proof of this. Taurus’ international presence advances every year and, in line with the company’s strategy, we are conquering various markets. We export our products to more than 100 countries, besides the USA, which has the world’s largest and most competitive arms market, in which we are the first most imported brand”, says Taurus’ Global CEO, Salesio Nuhs.

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