From June 2nd to 5th, the Afonsos Task Force, based at the 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion, participated in the Jungle Life Adaptation Internship, taught by the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion.

The purpose of the internship was to provide the Afonsos Task Force soldiers with the basic knowledge to act in the Amazonian operational environment and to develop habits suitable for jungle survival.

The Task Force Afonsos participated in instructions on boat techniques, marching through the jungle, transposition of a water course in the Negro River, shelter construction, obtaining water and fire, plant and animal food, survival, among others.

The end of the internship took place with a ceremony presided over by the Amazonian Military Commander, Army General Furlan, and attended by the Chief of the Coordination and Operations Center of the Amazonian Military Command, Brigadier General Plácido; the Commander of the Parachute Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Fructuoso, and the Commander of the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion, Colonel Nilton.

Source: 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion – Photos: Sd João Marcos *** English version by DEFCONPress Team ***

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