For the first time a Brazilian military leadership exposes its opinion about Brazil’s mistakes in the Ukraine war. In the photo, the former commander of FAB Air Lieutenant Brigadier Baptista Jr with an F-5-EM fighter of the FAB

(DefesaNET) Brazil’s policy of “staying on the fence The Russian invasion of Ukraine was a violation of the United Nations Charter, of which Brazil is a signatory. The Ministries of Defense and Foreign Relations denied the requests for the supply of A-29 Super Tucano aircraft and the Guarani armored personnel carrier made by the Embassy and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The equipment would be used for self-defense and humanitarian issues. Meanwhile Russia continues to arm Venezuela and change the balance of power in the region.

In an interview, Chancellor Mauro Vieira announced that he had left the “Top of the Wall”, but later at the Munich Security Conference (#MSC), he reaffirmed Brazil’s position of not supplying war material to the region.

The actions of President Biden and other leaders of democratic countries in support of Ukraine make clear the error of Brazilian foreign policy, of this and the last government. Our heads of state should understand that “FREEDOM HAS NO PRICE”! (follow the thread).

They should also understand that the populist tools used in domestic politics – demagogy, hypocrisy and lies – are inefficient in relations with serious countries. A “Third Worldist” foreign policy will never transform us into a world political player.

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