Destacamento naval russo com submarino nuclear chega a CubaDestacamento naval russo com submarino nuclear chega a Cuba

A Russian naval detachment, which includes the nuclear submarine “Kazan”, arrived in Cuba on Wednesday (12) for a five-day visit to the island, AFP reported.

Minutes before 08:00 local time (09:00 Brasilia time), the tanker “Pashin” entered Havana Bay at the head of the flotilla, followed by the rescue tug “Nikolai Chiker” decorated with the white, blue and red stripes of the Russian flag.

On a gray morning due to the fog and persistent rain of the night before, the nuclear submarine “Kazan” appeared on the horizon. Behind it, the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” was approaching the bay bordering the Cuban capital.

The Royal Canadian Navy patrol ship HMCS Margaret Broooke will also arrive on the island on Friday, in the context of the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Canada, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said.

The Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (Minfar) indicated last week that the Russian ships do not carry nuclear weapons and do not represent a “threat to the region”.

The arrival of this fleet comes on the same day that Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, met in Moscow, the Cuban Chancellery said.

The visit by the Russian frigate “strictly complies with the international norms to which Cuba is a state party” and responds to the “historic friendly relations” between Havana and Moscow, said the Cuban Army.

The visit of this naval detachment comes a month after President Miguel Díaz-Canel wished Moscow success in the conflict with Ukraine, during a visit to Russia in which he accompanied President Vladimir Putin in the parade commemorating the Soviet victory against the Nazis in 1945.

“We wish Russia success in conducting the special military operation,” said Díaz-Canel, who condemned “geopolitical manipulation” by the United States and “NATO’s threat to approach the borders” of Russia, quoted by the Russian news agency TASS.


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