arachute Infantry Brigade conducts Air Resupply Operation in the Amazon

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Parachute Infantry Brigade, through the Parachute Folding and Airborne Supply Battalion (Btl DOMPSA), carried out on January 11, 2023, a CDS (Container Delivery System) air resupply mission, in support of the 4th Special Border Platoon of Surucucu, in the municipality of Alto Alegre, Roraima.

The DOMPSA team is composed of 36 military personnel and is supported by two FAB aircraft (KC-390 and C-98). The objective is to launch civil engineering inputs so that the 6th Construction Engineering Battalion can carry out repairs on the runway of the Alto Alegre-RR airfield, since there is no ground access.

Source: Parachute Infantry Brigade Command

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