Boa Vista (RR) – Since March, soldiers from the Northern Military Command (CMN), together with members of the Western Military Command (CMO), have made up the 18th Contingent of Operation Welcome, which is receiving Venezuelan migrants in the state of Roraima. The current contingent of the Ministry of Defense’s Humanitarian Logistics Task Force is made up of around 250 military personnel. The effort is aimed at humanizing care for the Venezuelan population arriving in Brazil via the land border. In six years, the operation has assisted around two million Venezuelans.

In June, the Northern Military Commander, Army General Luciano Guilherme Cabral Pinheiro, visited the facilities of Operation Welcome, located in the cities of Boa Vista and Pacaraima (RR).

General Guilherme learned about the logistics that make up the migrant circuit, which passes through the Reception and Identification Post, the Vaccination House, the Identification and Screening Post, as well as the Pricumã and Janokoida indigenous shelters. As part of the process, the Venezuelans also pass through the Training and Education Center, which offers instruction in various areas of activity, with a view to a professional future for these people. Currently, the reception centers are home to around 9,000 migrants.

“This is a joint effort by many hands and it is a source of great satisfaction to see that it is working. Our military personnel, together with the agencies, are carrying out essential reception and social assistance work for these people who often have no hope and don’t know what will happen to their lives. And here, Venezuelans receive dignity, citizenship, training and are internalized for work opportunities. A job that will never be forgotten by every serviceman who passes through here, I’m sure,” said General Guilherme.

Operation Welcome

Created by the Federal Government in 2018, Operation Welcome is a Humanitarian Task Force to support Venezuelan migrants in Roraima, the main entry route from Venezuela into Brazil.

The work is carried out jointly by federal, state and municipal bodies. When they arrive in the country, the refugees are welcomed with assistance measures such as food distribution, shelters, documentation and health and education support.

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