Novo blindado da Marinha do Brasil, JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle)

In all, 12 Light Armored Vehicles on Wheels will contribute to the performance in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and others

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Tássia Navarro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle), the newest armored vehicle of the Brazilian Navy (MB), arrives to reinforce the operational character of the Marine Corps (CFN). The first batch of 4 vehicles, from a total of 12, was recently delivered to the Force and was acquired within PROADSUMUS, the MB’s strategic program that aims to ensure operational readiness, ready-use conditions, and an amphibious and expeditionary character to the CFN.

The arrival of the JLTV extends the CFN’s family of armored vehicles, especially meeting the demand for the use of these vehicles in urban environments and providing adequate protection to the Marine Corps Operational Groups in the most different missions in Brazil and abroad. The armored vehicle will contribute to the performance in naval war, peace, and Law and Order operations, humanitarian assistance, and support to Civil Defense.

The Light Armored Vehicle on Wheels is of the latest generation and has been extensively tested in combat, ensuring a level of protection that makes it suitable to operate also in humanitarian demining situations and environments.

The Marine Corps of the Brazilian Navy

The CFN is the country’s ready-to-use amphibious and expeditionary strategic force. Since 2022, the United Nations Organization (UN) has classified the Marine Corps unit at the highest level of operational readiness for Peace Operations, being the first and only one in Brazil to reach this level. The only troop made up exclusively of professional military personnel, the Marines have acted intensely, in Brazil and abroad, in the entire spectrum of military operations, from Naval Warfare Operations – such as amphibious and riverine operations; activities with limited use of force – such as Peacekeeping Operations and Ensuring Law and Order (GLO); and benign activities – such as humanitarian assistance, Civil Defense Support, and social development programs, such as the Forces in Sports Program (PROFESP).

The Commandant General of the Marine Corps, Admiral de Esquadra (FN) Carlos Chagas Vianna Braga, highlights the CFN’s preparedness and quick reaction. “215 years have passed, marked by this victorious trajectory of honor, competence, determination, and professionalism. This trajectory is confused with the very formation of the Brazilian nationality. After all, we have been present in the main events that have marked the history of our country. Since February, the Marines have been present in São Sebastião, on the northern coast of São Paulo, as well as in Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, and in Recife (PE), when the heavy rains occurred last year,” he says.

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