Military conducts aeromobile operations training in the AmazonMilitary conducts aeromobile operations training in the Amazon

Manaus (AM) – Last week, the Brazilian Army celebrated the conclusion of the Aeromobile Operations Internship for 48 military personnel who are part of the Amazon Military Command (CMA). The internship, which involved members of various military organizations, was fundamental for training in the challenging missions in the Amazon region, guaranteeing the protection and sovereignty of Brazilian territory.

The two-week internship was taught by the 4th Army Aviation Battalion (4th BavEx) and offered intensive and specialized training to the participants. Among the internship’s activities, the soldiers were introduced to the SIPAER Philosophy (System for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents), which aims to ensure operational safety. They were instructed to define and identify specific hazards in helicopter operations, develop crucial skills to prevent accidents and ensure mission safety.

The military personnel also received training in normal and emergency procedures, identification of the main aircraft components, and boarding and disembarking techniques, essential for ensuring efficiency and safety in aeromobile operations. Some of the highlights of the activities include improving skills in emergency maneuvers and familiarization with vital aircraft equipment, to ensure a quick and effective response in critical situations.

The instructions also highlighted several critical aspects, such as cloud classification, meteorological phenomena, aeromedical evacuation, the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG), fuel supply, aircraft beaconing and the use of navigation charts. In addition, they were trained in advanced abseiling, fast rope and hellocasting techniques, both in the tower and in aircraft, and took part in aeromobile infiltration and exfiltration exercises, among other activities essential for operational readiness.

With the end of the Aeromobile Operations Internship, the CMA reinforces its commitment to the region’s defense and security. The military personnel now return to their units with improved skills, ready to act in any mission necessary to protect the region and ensure Brazil’s sovereignty. The Aeromobile Operations Internship is therefore a vital component in the strategy for the defense and preservation of the Amazon.

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