Meeting between the Air Forces of Brazil and Chile is held in Brasilia (DF)

Meeting took place this Wednesday (10/05) at the Aeronautics Command Headquarters

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Flávia Rocha and Major Oliveira Lima

The 20th Meeting of Talks between the General Staffs of the Brazilian and Chilean Air Forces took place on Wednesday (October 5), at the headquarters of the Air Force Command, in Brasília (DF). The meeting reviewed the Bilateral Activities Program 2022 and decided the actions for the next two years.

In the opportunity, topics discussed included exchanges and exchanges of experiences in several areas, such as: earth observation satellites; aircraft accident investigations; operational use of MH-60M aircraft (variant of the H-60L Black Hawk); anti-aircraft artillery regiment; survival in the snow; Operational Security Management Systems used in Antarctic Operations; parachuting training; operational exchange between Brazilian and Chilean demonstration squadrons; among other subjects of interest to both Forces.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, and the Chief of Staff of the Chilean Air Force (FACh), Aviation General Roberto Javier Avendaño Veloso, confirmed the fulfillment of the agreed activities and emphasized how the cooperation agreements between the two institutions have strengthened the bonds of friendship and brotherhood.

According to Lieutenant Brigadier Damasceno, the program aims at sharing operational experiences and technical-professional knowledge between the institutions. “It is a joy to be reunited again after a long period of the pandemic. Even in the face of this problem, we never weakened our ties. The strength of this relationship is ratified especially with Exercise Salitre, which will take place this month in Chile, and Exercise Cruzex, scheduled to take place in Brazil in 2024,” added the General Officer.

According to the FACh Chief of the General Staff, between the Air Forces of Chile and Brazil there is a very close relationship. “I appreciate our bonds of trust and our exchanges of experiences. And, moreover, I highlight the cooperative effort in training such as Salitre and Cruzex,” pointed out General Avendaño.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Major Valter Borges Malta; the Chief of EMAER’s Second Sub-Chief of Staff, Air Brigadier Paulo Roberto de Carvalho Júnior; among other military personnel. On behalf of the FACh, the International Relations Director of the Chilean Air Force, Aviator Colonel Renato Javier Erbetta Núñez; and the Chilean Aeronautical Attaché in Brazil, Aviator Colonel Percy Andrés Gómez Solís, were present.

Photos: Sergeant Figueira and Sergeant P. Silva / CECOMSAER *** Translated bythe DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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