Jungle Battalion prepares for exercise CORE 2023

Marabá (PA) – The 52nd Jungle Infantry Battalion carried out several activities in preparation for Exercise CORE 2023 (Combined Operation and Rotation Exercise), an exercise between the Brazilian Army and the United States Army that will take place in the second half of this year. In the search for leadership development in small fractions and, consequently, troop cohesion, the Battalion put into action, between March 6 and 10, Operation Munduruku I, a training exercise on techniques, tactics, and procedures for members of the 1st Jungle Marine Company.

During the Operation, instructions were given on Combat Group maneuverability; Royal Fraction Shooting Exercise; Orientation and Navigation; Conduct in Combat; Pre-hospital care, and Communications. In this opportunity, it was possible to verify the operational level reached by the troops and to prepare the training of troops at platoon and company level.

Physical Evaluation

During the same period, the Battalion received a committee from the Army’s Physical Training Research Institute, which conducted a study and a personalized physical evaluation of the troops that will be part of the CORE 2023 exercise. In the occasion, body composition analysis and a diagnostic application of the operational physical test were performed.

The military of the 1st Jungle Marine Company (1st Marines Company) and some elements assigned to specific functions in the Communications, Health, and Hunters platoons, who will also participate in CORE 2023, were submitted to this evaluation. The operational physical test was applied to all officers, sergeants, corporals and soldiers of the 1st Jungle Marine Company, with the verification and correction of the execution of all test exercises.

Exercise CORE

The Combined Operation and Rotation Exercise – CORE 23 is a combined exercise with the United States Army scheduled to take place in October and November 2023 and also in 2024, in the garrisons of Belém, Macapá, Oiapoque, and in the district of Clevelândia do Norte. The activity aims to increase the troop’s operational capacity, maintain the historical ties between the countries, and increase the integration and cooperation between the two armies.

Source: 52nd Jungle Infantry Battalion

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