Internship trains military personnel to work in the Pantanal environmentInternship trains military personnel to work in the Pantanal environment

Corumbá (MS) – On June 7, after five weeks of instruction, 32 officers from the Western Military Command (CMO) completed the Pantanal Operations Internship (EOpPan). The internship trains military personnel to plan and execute operations in the Pantanal, as subunit and marine platoon commanders. It also qualifies them to hold positions and perform duties at the Pantanal Operations Training Center.

The graduation ceremony took place at the 17th Border Battalion and was attended by the Commander of the 18th Pantanal Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Alerrandro Leal Farias, the Commander of the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade, Brigadier General Abelardo Prisco de Souza Neto and other commanders and representatives of the CMO’s military organizations.

Pantanal Operations Internship

The EOpPan, conducted by the Pantanal Operations Training Center (CIOpPan), lasts five weeks and is divided into three phases. The first phase, called Life in the Pantanal, focuses on survival in the Pantanal environment. In the 2nd phase, Special Techniques, instructions are given on communications, orientation, river techniques, aeromobiles and shooting. The 3rd phase is aimed at operations in the wetlands, where trainees are assessed on the planning and execution of infiltration, mission accomplishment and return to the base of operations.

During EOpPan, which is held twice a year, officers and sergeants are trained to operate in the complex Pantanal environment. The knowledge is passed on to the combatants in one of the most challenging terrains for Brazilian Army troops, due to the flood plain, the climate, the 300 km of border to protect, among other factors that influence the degree of complexity of operations in Pantanal environments.

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