In an unprecedented manner, the Commander of the Brazilian Army addresses the entire troop by videoconference

Brasília (DF) – “The message is short, but it is a pleasure to be able to talk to all of you at the same time. A great year of instruction”. This was the closing speech of the Army Commander, Army General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva, when he addressed, in an unprecedented manner, all of the Army’s military organizations through a videoconference held on March 1.

The Commander spoke from the Army High Command room and addressed the beginning of the instruction year that started on March 1st. On the same day, in the morning, he participated in the solemnity of incorporation of the new recruits in the 1st Cavalry Regiment of Guards in Brasilia.

General Tomás emphasized that military service prepares not only the fighter, but also the citizen, and reinforced the importance of the collective in the Brazilian Army. “Nobody individually is bigger than the collectivity we represent,” explained the Commander, who also added that “the Army is not recognized by the Commander, but by the soldier.

Hierarchy and Discipline

“Hierarchy and discipline are the pillars of the institution. What is right is always right. That is non-negotiable.” With these words, the Army Commander emphasized some of the values that must be taught to the more than 50,000 young men who have joined the Force for initial military service.


During the videoconference, General Tomás also took the opportunity to talk about the need to always maintain operationality and a state of readiness, and used as an example the Army’s performance in São Sebastião, a city in the interior of São Paulo where more than 60 people died after heavy rains. “In four and a half hours, there were two companies ready in São Sebastião”, highlighted the Commander.

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