FAB delivers H225M helicopter to the Brazilian NavyFAB delivers H225M helicopter to the Brazilian Navy

Scheduled inspection action involved military personnel from the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army and the Brazilian Air Force in the maintenance of helicopters

Agência Força Aérea – Lieutenant Tatiana Quadros and Major Oliveira Lima

The Parque de Material Aeronáutico de São Paulo (PAMASP), through the Integrated Maintenance Center (CIM), held, on September 14, 2022, a military ceremony allusive to the delivery of one more Brazilian Navy (MB) H225M aircraft, by the end of a scheduled inspection.

The graduation was presided over by the Director of the Directorate of Aeronautical and War Material (DIRMAB), Air Major Brigadier Rodrigo Fernandes Santos, and was attended by the Commander of the Air Force, Rear Admiral Augusto José da Silva Fonseca Júnior; as well as civilian and military authorities.

The CIM, created in 2018, has as its main objective to optimize the financial, structural, material and human resources used in the maintenance of the H225M aircraft. The helicopters – named UH-15 Super Cougar in the MB; HM-4 Jaguar in the Brazilian Army and H-36 Caracal in the Brazilian Air Force – have a similar configuration in the three Forces, making maintenance integration possible. In total, inspections have already been completed on 2 aircraft from the Navy, 4 from the Army, and 2 from the Air Force.

This time, the Brazilian Navy’s HU-2 Squadron received the aircraft ready to return to operational activity, after completion of the A/T inspection, performed every 1200 flight hours or 36 months of operation. The maintenance activities are carried out by military personnel from the three forces, promoting the exchange of experience, standardization and integration.

For the Director of PAMASP, Air Force Colonel Anderson da Silva Nishio, the delivery of the aircraft reflects not only on the increased availability of the Brazilian Navy fleet, but also on the interoperability capacity between the Armed Forces. “This capacity has been demonstrated not only in terms of integrated maintenance, but also in training missions, such as Operation Poseidon, which has already brought together the Navy, Army, and Air Force aboard the Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier (PHM) ‘Atlantic’ and the Multipurpose Dock Ship (NDM) ‘Bahia’.

The Commander of the Air Force, Rear Admiral Augusto José da Silva Fonseca Júnior, also commented on the delivery of the aircraft. “This vector represents an important increment in the Navy’s operational capacity, contributing to the increased availability of our means and fulfillment of our institutional mission,” he said.

Finally, the Director of DIRMAB emphasized, in his words, the power of the Institutional Culture of each Singular Force. “Unique characteristics that guarantee the development of the inevitable destiny of interoperability, without jeopardizing the identity and specificities of the Navy, Army and Air Force,” concluded the General Officer.

Photos: Corporal Queiroz / PAMASP *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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