A delegation from King’s College London visited the Escola Superior de Defesa (ESD – Supreme Defense College), in Brasília (DF), last Friday (20). The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the ties of cooperation between the two institutions. The delegation was made up of professors, directors, and researchers from the Department of War Studies and the King’s Brazil Institute.

The visitors got to know ESD’s structure, such as the library, the classrooms, the auditorium, and the area where the Forces in Sports Program (PROFESP) is held. Topics such as Professional Education in Security and Defense were also discussed, and the next steps for a possible bilateral cooperation were presented.

The Head of the Academic Department of the Defense College, Brigadier General R1 Carlos Henrique Teche, emphasized the importance of the relationship with other research institutes focused on the area of defense.

“King’s College London is an internationally recognized institution that provides academic support to UK military schools. We expect that our partnership will be further strengthened after this visit,” he said.

Brigadier General R1 Carlos Henrique Teche

A member of the delegation, the Director of the King’s Brazil Institute, Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, spoke of the long tradition of defense studies, including cooperation with the British Armed Forces, and how the exchange of experiences can be beneficial to both institutions.

“We are strengthening ties with the Defense College. This is a unique opportunity to bring some of what we have and to get to know the actions carried out here, enabling future partnerships in which both sides can help each other mutually,” he said.

The Coordinator of the Center for Training in Defense Economics and Force Development (NCAD) at ESD, Professor Peterson Ferreira da Silva, added.

“We already had a previous contact, which will certainly be deepened after this meeting. The proposal here is to strengthen ties and verify possibilities for greater cooperation and, mainly, to see the areas of common knowledge to optimize our actions,” he concluded.

By Lieutenant Cristiane dos Santos (ESD) – Photos: ESD – ***English version by Defconpress team

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