EB - Combat Car Regiment conducts operation in Virtual Simulation environmentEB - Combat Car Regiment conducts operation in Virtual Simulation environment

Santa Maria (RS) – The Task Force of the 1st Combat Car Regiment, in Training with Virtual Simulation, executed several offensive combat operations, which culminated in a Coordinated Attack with a breach opening operation. The exercise is part of the certification process of the Readiness Force, held at the South Training Center, between July 25 and 28.

The exercise took place in a virtual environment, simulating all the combatants and vehicles in 1st person, focusing on Command and Control, Movement and Maneuver, and Fire Coordination. The virtual training allowed to train the main capabilities of the Readiness Force with a high degree of realism and with economy of resources.

The Task Force was composed of two Combat Car Platoons, supported by a Platoon of Armored Marines, from the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion, and 1 Armored Engineer Platoon, from the 12th Armored Engineer Battalion.

Source: 1st Combat Car Regiment

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