O Hospital de Campanha (H Cmp)O Hospital de Campanha (H Cmp)

The Field Hospital (H Cmp), Special Military Health Organization, the only operational one of the Brazilian Army, subordinated to the Army Logistic Support Base (Ba Ap Log Ex), deployed its modular structure, with the purpose of being recertified with the UN as a Level II Medical Unit, a certification it has held since 2017.

The inspection was conducted by the Land Operations Command (COTER) and had the purpose of guiding the commands and agencies involved in the preparation and evaluation of a H Cmp in the United Nations Peacekeeping Capabilities Readiness System (UNPCRS).

This inspection took place on June 8th and had as objectives the definition of responsibility for the preparation of a field hospital for a Peacekeeping Force, the presentation of a proposal for the necessary organization and materials, a proposed calendar framing the preparation and evaluation cycle, and the coordination of the various activities.

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