Brazilian Navy giant will act as field hospital on the northern coast of São Paulo (SP)

Multipurpose Airship “Atlântico” takes health care and logistical support to the victims of the heavy rains in the region.

The Brazilian Navy will send, on the morning of Wednesday (22), the Multipurpose Aerodrome Ship “Atlântico”, the largest ship of the Force, to the northern coast of São Paulo, to support the actions of the Civil Defense in helping the victims of the heavy rains that hit the region in recent days. The ship is expected to arrive in São Sebastião (SP) on Thursday (23). 

“We are committed to bringing hope and solidarity to the victims of this natural disaster. The readiness of ships, aircraft and Marine units, our men and women, sailors and marines, is the best we have to offer to ease the suffering of these people,” said the Commander in Chief of the Fleet, Vice Admiral Edgar Luiz Siqueira Barbosa.

With the arrival of the ship, it will be possible to create a structure that will reinforce the medical care for the homeless in order to relieve the burden on the hospitals in the area, which are prioritizing more serious cases. In all, more than a thousand Navy personnel will be involved in the actions.

Besides the giant “Atlantic”, the Navy’s flagship, the General Cargo Disembarkation Vessel “Guarapari” will also help the homeless and is already on its way to the coast of São Paulo. The ship has a ramp capable of docking on beaches to rescue victims who are still in isolated areas.

Capabilities on board the Multipurpose Aircraft Ship “Atlântico

  • 06 helicopters from the Air Force Command.
  • 03 Vehicle and Personnel Landing Craft, with capacity to embark 35 people each.
  • 01 Speedboat to transport personnel (20 people).
  • 01 Pacific type operational speedboat.
  • 01 Ready-to-Run Team from the Navy Operational Medicine Center, composed of 28 doctors and military personnel from the health area of different specialties, including pediatricians.
  • Medical Center of the Multipurpose Ship “Atlântico” with doctors from the following specialties: Orthopedist, General Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, General Practitioner, as well as Pharmacist, Dental Surgeon, Nursing Technicians, Dental Hygiene Assistant and Laboratory Assistant (clinical pathology).
  • Primary Health Reaction Stock.
  • An Operational Group with 180 Marines, from the Fleet Marine Force, with machinery consisting of micro-loaders, ambulances, and wheel loaders, to help in clearing roads and other needs.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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