Brazilian Navy conducts exercise with 750 military personnel in the northern regionBrazilian Navy conducts exercise with 750 military personnel in the northern region

“Operation Ribeirex” will run until November 21 in western Pará

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Augusto Rodrigues – Belém, PA

The Brazilian Navy (MB) is holding “Operation Ribeirex” from November 6 to 21 on the Amazon River, in the region of Santarém, in western Pará. The maneuvers will involve 750 military personnel, nine ships, two aircraft and combat speedboats. The aim is to train Marines and the crews of ships and aircraft in riverine operations.

The exercise is being coordinated by the 4th Naval District Command (Com4ºDN), based in Belém (PA), which sent troops and resources to the Lower Amazon region last Monday (6). Operation Ribeirex” also includes the participation of ships and marines from the 9th Naval District Command (Com9ºDN), based in Manaus (AM). Naval, air and marine assets will be concentrated in the region of Santarém (PA) from November 11.

“The operation will simulate the retaking of an area along the Amazon River occupied by a paramilitary organization from a fictitious country. The military personnel involved will have the mission of locating and neutralizing enemy bases and promoting the control of river traffic in the region of the conflict. Vessels passing through the area around Santarém will be notified of the operation,” explains the Commander of the 4th Naval District, Vice-Admiral Antônio Capistrano de Freitas Filho.

Taking part in the exercise will be the Auxiliary Ship “Pará”; Hospital Assistance Ships “Oswaldo Cruz” and “Soares de Meireles”; Patrol Ships “Bracuí”, “Bocaina” and “Pampeiro”; River Patrol Vessels “Roraima”, “Rondônia” and “Amapá”; one medium-sized general-purpose aircraft (UH-15), two light general-purpose aircraft (UH-12); as well as the Operational Groups of the 1st and 2nd Riverine Operations Battalions.
The Marines will be training in river traffic control, infiltration, reconnaissance, disembarkation and the conquest of objectives on land. During the operation, the MB will offer medical and dental care to the riverside population.

The defense capacity of the Amazon’s rivers

The Amazon is home to the largest reserves of biodiversity, minerals and fresh water on the planet. The biome is fundamental for regulating the climate and the distribution of rainfall in South America.

The expansion of agribusiness and the increase in grain exports through the Northern Arc, as well as confirmation of the existence of oil and natural gas reserves in Brazil’s northern maritime area, reaffirm the strategic nature of the Amazon, which requires the presence of the State to defend sovereignty.

The MB carries out constant Naval Patrol and Inspection actions, as well as exercises in the most sensitive areas of the Amazon, in order to maintain the training of its military personnel and the presence of the State in the most distant regions of the country.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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