Brazilian military personnel train in anti-aircraft defense system maintenance in Sweden

On June 20, Captain Diego Rocha Miranda and Staff Sergeant Luís Pereira Coelho Júnior presented themselves at the Coast Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Artillery School for having successfully concluded the Maintenance Training Course for the RBS-70 portable anti-aircraft defense system, in the city of Karlskoga, in the Kingdom of Sweden.

The course began on May 2 and lasted six weeks. During the course, military personnel from the Brazilian Army were able to study and train in the operation of the main 2nd level preventive and programmed maintenance procedures, identifying failures, performing repairs and exchanging spare parts.

The course also approached aspects of design and operation of the equipment and its parts, safety in handling and storage and deposit conditions. The training of the military will serve to disseminate important knowledge about the maintenance of the RBS-70 systems, with a view to improving the human resources of the Coast Artillery and Anti-aircraft Artillery School.

Source: Coastal and Antiaircraft Artillery School

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