Brazilian Military concludes Advanced Mountaineering CourseBrazilian Military concludes Advanced Mountaineering Course

São João del Rei (MG) – Sixteen soldiers from the 4th Light Mountain Infantry Brigade concluded the Advanced Mountaineering Course 2022. The course was conducted by the Mountain Operations Training Center and the graduation ceremony was held on July 29th, at the 11th Mountain Infantry Battalion.

Lasting nine weeks, the Advanced Mountaineering Course is divided into five phases: Basic Techniques, Mountain Reconnaissance, Patrols and Operational Techniques, Operations, and Special Techniques. The students have undergone arduous training, demanding technical and behavioral skills peculiar to overcoming the challenges of the operational mountain environment, such as thin air, sub-zero temperatures, and rugged terrain.

The new Mountain Guides are now qualified to advise on planning operations, to lead troops of any kind in a mountain operational environment, to perform climbs up to the 5th degree (free) and A2+ (artificial), and to equip routes for troop transposition.

Source: 11th Mountain Infantry Battalion

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