Brazilian Army signs contract for modernization of Cascavel Armored Vehicles

The Brazilian Army signed a contract to modernize the Cascavel Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles. The signing ceremony was held in front of the Army Headquarters and was attended by members of the Force High Command, civil and military authorities, and representatives from institutions involved in the agreement.

The objective of the first phase of the project is to modernize 98 vehicles, with the delivery of two prototype vehicles and an initial batch of seven that will undergo improvements such as modernizing the automotive platform, revitalizing the 90 mm cannon, and installing driver’s vision, commander’s vision, and shooter’s vision kits. Command and control equipment, missile launching platform, firing computer, and assisted slewing and elevation will also be exempted.

Brazilian Army signs contract for modernization of Cascavel Armored Vehicles

The project is under the responsibility of the Manufacturing Directorate, a military organization directly subordinated to the Department of Science and Technology, which conducted the bidding process. At the signing ceremony, the Army Chief of Staff, Army General Stumpf, emphasized the importance of the act.

“Today marks another step in the modernization of our force. The Cascavel was an old armored car that needed to be updated. We are increasing the operational and deterrence capacity of our force.

The Chief of the Army Department of Science and Technology, Army General Amin, highlighted that the contract will add combat power to the Army. “We are making a delivery that will be very effective precisely because it will provide more combat power to our mechanized cavalry units.

The CEO and president of Akaer Engenharia S.A, César Augusto Teixeira Andrade e Silva, emphasized the importance of the contract for Brazil’s Defense Industrial Base. “We are fully prepared to answer this call from the Brazilian Army. The project will contribute to the economic growth of the country, creating new jobs and contributing to the well-being of society,” he said.

Source: Army Project Office -*** english version by the DEFCONPress Team***

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