Brazilian Army seizes 927 kilos of drugs in the Amazon jungle

Tabatinga (AM) – The Brazilian Army seized 927 kg of marijuana, of the skunk type, transported across the Japurá River (AM), on December 7. The seizure was made during Operation Shield, a deployment of Operation Agate, of the Ministry of Defense, focused on fighting crimes in the border area.

The drug seizure was conducted by the 3rd Special Border Platoon, together with the 17th Jungle Infantry Battalion. After the seizure, the Army’s 4th Aviation Battalion, based in Manaus, sent an HM-1 Pantera helicopter to the site, along with a team from the Federal Police, which conducted an investigation to identify the narcotic substance.

The seized cargo was weighed and valued at around 19 million reais. The Federal Police and the Army incinerated the drugs on the spot.

Source: Solimões Border Command / 8th Jungle Infantry Battalion

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