Brazilian Army aviation conducts training in the AmazonBrazilian Army aviation conducts training in the Amazon

The Army Aviation Detachment of the Northern Military Command (Dst Av Ex/CMN) carried out Sidearm Shooting Training for the first time in the Eastern Amazon region on June 28.

The exercise took place in an isolated area in the rural region of Marabá, southeast of Pará. A total of 12 flight mechanics took part in the training. The aircraft models HM4 – Jaguar and HM1 – Pantera were used.

The aim was to maintain operational capabilities in the performance of air support fire tasks, as well as readiness for use in missions, making it possible to support the Army’s military organizations.

“This is a technical capability provided for all Army Aviation battalions. To achieve this capability, we carry out the exercise in a controlled environment, guaranteeing all the necessary security. The training raises our operational level and enables us to better support the Northern Military Command,” said Colonel Ramos, Commander of the Detachment.

Two years of missions in the Eastern Amazon

On June 30, the CMN’s Aviation Detachment celebrated its two-year anniversary. During this period, it has carried out several operations in the Amazon region, in the states of Pará, Amapá and Maranhão. And in other areas of the national territory, in operational support and/or public calamities, as in the most recent case of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

The Detachment is currently based in Belém do Pará, the headquarters of the Northern Military Command. It has four aircraft, two of which are HM4 – Jaguar, a helicopter with great aeromobility for troops and war potential; and two HM1 – Pantera, which stands out for being light and facilitating movement in restricted areas, without breaking the secrecy of the mission. A fifth aircraft is expected to arrive in the second half of this year to reinforce Army Aviation in the Eastern Amazon.

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