With Big Data technologies and integrated Data Analytics system, the platform enables the execution of essential studies for regional transport planning, road infrastructure and accident prevention actions, among other features

Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, in compliance with the specifications of the Secretariat of Logistics and Transportation of the State of São Paulo (SLT), provided a technological platform that will enable updated management and planning of regional transportation throughout the state’s highway network in the State of São Paulo. The company also offered training to all the servers involved in the tool’s operation.

The tool supplied by Atech enables the execution and updating of transportation demand studies which, together with network simulation models, are essential for traffic management, highway infrastructure maintenance and expansion, accident prevention, and concession and public-private partnership processes, among other activities.

The platform delivered to SLT is based on Arkhe Data Analysis, a product of the portfolio of solutions developed by the company that applies Big Data and Data Analytics technologies, among others, to analyze data in a fast and structured way. The tool integrates, stores, processes, and shares data from different sources, in a secure way.

The project was developed within the Highway Investment Program of the State of São Paulo – DER – 2nd Phase, financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The solution was developed in the short period of nine months stipulated.

One of the main objectives of the tool was the creation of a new information base from data generated by the cell phones of the road users. This data was processed and anonymized to ensure that users are not identified, as determined by the LGPD (General Law of Personal Data Protection).

“This tool processed a very large volume of data. There were more than 3 billion telephone records that, integrated with other databases already used by SLT, allowed us to obtain a new origin-destination matrix. The updating of this matrix will be of fundamental importance to the Transportation Planning area, since it allows the creation of models that simulate the behavior of the regional transportation network, for decision making. This will bring benefits to the administration of regional transportation systems in the State of São Paulo,” said Claudio T. F. do Nascimento Filho, Atech’s Commercial Manager for the Government & Public Safety market.

The State of São Paulo has the largest state highway system in Brazil, with about 21 thousand kilometers of paved roads, of which 9 thousand have already been granted to the private sector. Adding the federal and local roads, the São Paulo infrastructure is close to 38 thousand kilometers of paved roads.

Data Integration

The data used to obtain the origin-destination matrix came from the displacement records made by the users of a cell phone company. The survey was done during one year in a base that registered the movement of 25 million users per month throughout the state. To avoid the pattern of individual movement, and the consequent violation of privacy, the operator registered the movement of groups of cell phone users, starting from 10 people, ensuring the anonymization of the data.

Since the data collected from the telephone base do not indicate the means of transportation used and other important information for the project objectives, Atech integrated data from other auxiliary sources used by SLT, such as toll data, traffic counters, radar and cameras, enabling the tool to present an updated scenario of the use of the entire state road network.

“In this modeling stage, statistical analysis was used considering the characteristics of the data received from each source, until the ideal model was achieved,” said Marco Antonio de Almeida Fidos Junior, Atech’s Big Data and Analytics Technical Manager.

For the implementation of Data Analytics, Atech has developed a robust platform, capable of treating and analyzing this large volume of data. With a friendly and dynamic graphic interface, the platform’s dashboards allow the monitoring of the main performance indicators of the transportation system in the State of São Paulo, as well as analyses involving the crossing of several sources of information.

“The solution we developed belongs to our client, is perennial and allows evolution and scalability. This is one of the great advantages offered by Atech, through Arkhe Data Analysis, “says Claudio.

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