Amazon Joint Operational Command discloses results of 20 days of operations

The work is developed between the Armed Forces and the Federal Government

Air Force Agency, Lieutenant Wanessa Liz

Since January 22, due to the conditions of public calamity – decreed by the Ministry of Health – caused by the sanitary crisis that affected the Yanomami populations on Yanomami land, the Brazilian Air Force was activated to send food baskets to the Indigenous Community of Kataroa, plagued by high rates of malnutrition and infectious diseases.

The work developed in the Yanomami region, in Roraima (RR) occurs jointly between the Armed Forces and the Federal Government. In this sense, the Brazilian Army (EB) has the role of coordinating the arrival of the food baskets and their packaging, so that they can be loaded onto the aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which are operating in the mission, namely, the KC-390 Millennium, the C-105 Amazonas, the H-60 Black Hawk and the C-98 Caravan, as well as the H-M2 of the EB.

More than 590 hours of flights have been completed in 20 days of operation, with a total of 82 tons of cargo distributed, including food and medicine, which were transported by the military to the Yanomami land. During this time 4,328 food baskets were transported and delivered, and 75 aeromedical evacuations were carried out.

Field Hospital

A Field Hospital (HCAMP) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was set up next to the Indigenous Health House (Casai), in Boa Vista (RR). The mobile unit provides care for the people of the Yanomami Indigenous Land. For the proper care of the indigenous community, it has been sent x-ray and ultrasound equipment; a pharmacy and a laboratory, which enables laboratory tests to be carried out; a cellular health unit, hospital beds for outpatients and stabilization of more serious patients who need to be removed to more complex Health Units; among other things. In 20 days, military personnel have been working at the front line of the hospital and have already performed 1,158 consultations, including surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, dentistry, cardiology, and gynecology, among others.

Amazon Joint Operational Command

Since February 3rd, the Ministry of Defense activated the Joint Operational Command Amazon (Cmdo Op Cj Amz) through Administrative Rule nº 710, to act in the area of the State of Roraima and in the portion of the State of Amazonas included in the Yanomami Indigenous Land. The document provides guidelines for coordinating and planning the employment of the Armed Forces (Brazilian Navy, Brazilian Army and Brazilian Air Force) in Operation Yanomami Shield, reinforcing the actions to confront the Public Health Emergency of National Importance and to combat illegal mining in the Yanomami Territory in Boa Vista (RR).

Also according to the document, it is the responsibility of the Command of the Brazilian Air Force to establish airspace control over the airspace overlying and adjacent to the Yanomami Territory, in accordance with Article 2 of Decree No. 11.405, 2023; remain in a position to provide operational resources to Cmdo Op Cj Amz; indicate representatives of this Force to make up the Staff of Cmdo Op Cj Amz; and inform the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces the needs for financial resources, in case of effective employment.

New Air Defense Identification Zone Guidelines

The second phase of the operation began on February 6th, when a partial opening of the airspace of the northern region of the country took place. On that occasion three flight corridors were created in order to allow the coordinated and spontaneous exit of non-indigenous people from the illegal mining areas by air.

Logistical support

The Armed Forces, through the Amazon Joint Operational Command (Cmdo Op Cj Amz), is now acting in a new phase, providing logistical support to the Federal Police (PF), which on February 10 launched an operation to interrupt the criminal practice of mining on indigenous lands.

The Cmdo Op Cj Amz is using its air resources, such as C-98 Caravan, H-36 Caracal, H-60 Black Hawk, and HM-2, from the Brazilian Air Force, to transport Federal Police agents, who will work to disable the logistics of the illegal mines and to record evidence of the crime. Military personnel from the National Force and other agencies such as the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) and the National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (Funai) are also being transported to the indigenous lands.

Operation Yanomami Shield receives support from the 1st GCC

Since 22/01 the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has been conducting humanitarian aid, due to the public calamity conditions – decreed by the Ministry of Health – caused by the sanitary crisis that affected the populations in Yanomami Land. The FAB was activated to send food baskets to the Indigenous Community of Kataroa, plagued by high rates of malnutrition and infectious diseases.

A structure set up by the First Communications and Control Group (1st GCC), at the Boa Vista Air Base (BABV), has approximately 12 tons of equipment, including campaign tents equipped with computers and telephones, generators, antennas that use satellite signals, among others. Under the coordination of the 1st GCC, a 13-member technical team was deployed to begin [Click here to download the original image] assembling the systems at the BABV.

This action made it possible to establish Communication Systems composed of access to the Defense Operational Network (ROD), access to Intraer (FAB’s internal network), telephony of the Military Communications Satellite System (SISCOMIS), external extensions, and also to provide means for videoconferencing. In addition, a radar visualization system was installed that allows the members of the Joint Operational Command Amazon (Cmdo Op Cj Amz) to observe the movements of aircraft flying over the Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA) in real time.

The Commander of the 1st GCC, Lieutenant-Colonel Aviator Diego Ilvo Hennig, evaluates the support provided. “The establishment of Command and Control (C2) with the ability to communicate in several ways between Cmdo Op Cj Amz and other agencies is essential. Furthermore, I take this opportunity to praise the services provided by the Forces involved in the noble mission of humanitarian aid and security,” he comments.

Photos: Sergeant Figueira, Sgt. Lucas and Figueira/ CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Ronan/ CECOMSAER
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