Aeromobile Brigade carries out Operation Aratu IXAeromobile Brigade carries out Operation Aratu IX

Caçapava (SP) – Between June 2 and 8, the Aeromobile Infantry Brigade carried out Operation Aratu IX with the Itororó Task Force (FT), in the São Paulo cities of Lorena, Cruzeiro and Cachoeira Paulista. The exercise maintained the standards of the Readiness Force (FORPRON) of the Brazilian Army’s Great Aeromobile Unit, certified in 2023.

The exercise began on June 2, with the concentration of resources at the barracks of the 5th Aeromobile Infantry Battalion in Lorena. On June 3, the entire Task Force, made up of 769 soldiers, was readied. Prior to the airmobile assault, the team of precursors from the 2nd Precursor Company infiltrated the area of operations in order to operate the helicopter landing zone.

On June 4, 5 and 6, the soldiers carried out the Airmobile Assault, subsequently attacking the airfield in the city of Cruzeiro, where they established an airmobile bridgehead. Following the actions, they joined forces with elements of the 11th Mechanized Infantry Brigade and marched to the exfiltration point.

Operation Aratu IX was accompanied by Division General Montenegro, Commander of the 2nd Army Division, and Brigadier General Pasinato, Commander of the Airborne Infantry Brigade.

At the end of the operation, all the training objectives set for the exercise had been achieved, confirming the Airborne Infantry Brigade’s ability to respond promptly.

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